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Mindfulness/Radical Acceptance

An approach to treating PTSD Symptoms, Addictions, Depression, Interpersonal Effectiveness

  1. Mindfulness Skills: Wise Mind, Witnessing and Effective Action
  2. Grounding Skills: Awareness, Surfing Emotions, Knowing your Triggers
  3. Crisis Survival Skills: Distraction, Self Soothing, Improving the Moment, Accepting
  4. Relationship Skills: Connecting, Listening, Communicating, Resolving

Mindfulness is:

  • Becoming aware of yourself in the present moment
  • Becoming more intentional in your actions
  • Become more present and alive in each moment

The Skills of Mindfulness

  1. Observation of what is, your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Being still in the present moment and noticing what it is you are feeling without reacting or judging yourself.
  2. Description. Using words to describe your emotions.
  3. Participation. By being more present in each moment you are able to participate more fully in your life. Through the practice of being mindful you can fully engage in every experience without loving it or hating it.

Mindfulness is not about passivity or positive thinking. It is the skill of being able to notice and observe things as they are in the moment. It is about learning to know what it is you feel, without judging and pushing away what you feel. By learning to observe and describe what it is you feel you are able to take ownership of your feelings without having to overly identifying with them. When you do this you are then able to act with intention rather than reaction.

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